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Finest Wheat , Honey of the Rock

Foundation: First Principles by Neville Johnson, Living Word Foundation

Living Word Foundation has been set up to facilitate a vision given to Neville Johnson to serve the Body of Christ by providing quality training and supervision. There is a need in the Body of Christ for greater understanding on how to walk with God, with this knowledge we will able to survive the End Times and reach into deeper things of God.

Video Messages: 10

1. An Introduction about these Messages

2. Repentance From Dead Works - Part 1 & 2

3. Faith Towards God - Part 1 & 2

4. Water Baptism

5. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

6. Baptism of Fire

7. The Laying on of Hands - Part 1 & 2

8. Resurrection of the Dead - Part 1 & 2

9. Eternal Judgement


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